Tysovets Ski Area Snowboarding

The 3rd most popular snowboarding destination in Ukraine.

In the Carpathian Mountains near Poland, the Tysovets Ski Area is a smaller area targeted at beginners. The lifts provide access to about 200m of vertical drop. There are two distinct ski regions: one near the parking area and one about 2km away. The two ski regions use different tickets. To get to the later, you will need to either drive to the top where the hotels are located, or there is a old single-seater chairlift.

To reach the snowboarding at Tysovets Ski Area from Lviv, take the Kyiv-Uzhhorod train and get off at the Skole station. There are buses and taxis to the ski area, which is about 32km.

Overall, Tysovets Ski Area is the 3rd most popular snowboard & freeride destination of all 5 snowboarding resorts in Ukraine.

Tysovets Ski Area (Ukraine)

Tysovets Ski Area (Ukraine)

Tysovets Ski Area (Ukraine)

Tysovets Ski Area (Ukraine)

Tysovets Ski Area Snowboarding Map



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Tysovets Ski Area Snowboarding Map