Best Yun Fo Shan Ski Resort Snowboarding

The 4th most popular snowboarding destination in China.



  July 22, 2016

Northeast of Beijing near Xiwenghuang and Miyun Reservoir, the Yun Fo Shan Ski Resort has one chair lift and two drag lifts servicing 4 beginner pistes and 4 intermediate pistes.

The Yunfoshan Ski Field is located roughly 95km northeast of Beijing. To reach Yunfoshan Ski Resort by road, take Jingcheng Highway, exit at Exit No.15, and go north. It is on road S313 that hugs the southern shore of Miyun Reservoir. When snowboarding and freeriding internationally, it is important to get a travel insurance policy that covers emergency rescue, medical expense and evacuation. There are many destinations that will not initiate rescue or medical treatment without prior payment or proof of insurance. In many cases, the rescue fees, medical fees or evacuation to a reputable hospital can total tens of thousands of dollars. Plans such as GEOS SAR100 or IMG Patriot Travel Medical Insurance are well worth the per-trip cost of $130 to $200 USD.

Overall, Yun Fo Shan Ski Resort is the 4th most popular snowboard & freeride destination of all 19 snowboarding resorts in China.

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Date Published:  12/24/2015

Date Updated:  7/22/2016

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