High1 Ski Resort Snowboarding

The MOST popular snowboarding destination in Korea.

Southeast of Seoul, the High1 Ski Resort is known for it's consistently good snow since it's the highest of the Korean ski resorts. The High1 Ski Resort has 18 pistes served by 9 lifts. There are three mountain peaks in High1 Ski Resort: Jisang Mountain Peak (at 1,345m) connected to the Baekwoon Mountain, the valley top (at 1,376m) and the mountain hub (at 1250m).

Overall, High1 Ski Resort is the 1st most popular snowboard & freeride destination of all 7 snowboarding resorts in Korea.

High1 Ski Resort (Korea)

High1 Ski Resort (Korea)

High1 Ski Resort (Korea)

High1 Ski Resort (Korea)

High1 Ski Resort Snowboarding Map



Local Contact(s):  High1 Resort +82 1588 7789

Recommended Book:  "Snowboard Resort Guide 2016" from Chris Gill

Best Season:  Jan - Feb.

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Date Updated:  7/4/2016

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High1 Ski Resort Snowboarding Map