Kirovsk Ski Station Snowboarding

The 2nd most popular snowboarding destination in Russia.

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Near Murmansk on the Kola Peninsula, the Kirovsk ski station has seven pistes served by seven lifts (mostly drags) accessing a maximum vertical descent of 520m. The Kirovsk ski area is located in the short Khibiny Mountains. It is not really known for its off-piste freeriding. The Kirovsk Ski Station consists of three ski centers: the northern slopes of Mount Aykuayvenchorr, the south slopes of ount Aykuayvenchorr (most popular), and Mount Kukisvumchorr.

To reach the snowboarding at Kirovsk ski station from Moscow, take the daily Murmansk train to the Apatity station (roughly 36 hour trip). Take a 30 minute taxi ride to the ski area.

Tip: Avoid the Kirovsk ski area on the weekends since it can be very crowded.

Overall, Kirovsk Ski Station is the 2nd most popular snowboard & freeride destination of all 23 snowboarding resorts in Russia.

Kirovsk Ski Station Piste Map



Recommended Book:  "Snowboard Resort Guide 2016" from Chris Gill

Best Season:  Jan. - Feb.

GPS:  67.633402, 33.735409

Date Published:  12/25/2015

Date Updated:  7/13/2016

ID:  23819

Kirovsk Ski Station Snowboarding Map