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The 14th most popular snowboarding destination in Korea.



  January 2, 2018

East of Seoul near Chuncheon in the Gangwon Province, the Elysiun Gangcheon Ski Resort has 12 courses served by 10 lifts on a small hill. There are two advanced slopes, though they are pretty short. It generally considered to be a beginner-oriented ski area.

The snowboarding at Elysiun Gangcheon Ski Resort is easily accessible by train to the Gangcheon station. There are shuttle buses from near the train station to the ski area. It is about a 1.5 hour drive from Seoul.

If you are planning to head to the ski area from Seoul by bus, most of the ski buses depart from the Jamsil Station. They depart very early in the morning (aka middle of the night). Also, keep in mind up at the resorts that many of the hotels use Korean-style mats on the floors for sleeping. If that's not your bag, make sure to request a room with a real bed.

Overall, Elysiun Gangcheon Ski Resort is the 14th most popular snowboard & freeride destination of all 15 snowboarding resorts in Korea.

Local Contacts:  Elysiun Gangcheon Ski Resort +82-33-260-2000

Best Season:  Jan - Feb.

Average Difficulty:  Easy

Reference Source:  click here

GPS:  37.820867, 127.589735

Date Published:  1/2/2018

ID:  25263

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